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Friends With Produce

Your friends with fruits and vegetables
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pictures, fruits, veggies, lulz
The premise is simple: take pictures of your friends holding fruits and vegetables, and post them here!

The Rules:

- Use LJ-Cut for posts with more than one picture.

- Use LJ-Cut for any picture over 30k.

- Use LJ-Cut for any picture greater than 400 pixels wide or tall.

- Those first three rules are so our friends with small screens or on slower connections can join the fun, too. Click this if you'd like more information on resizing pictures. You can try asking here, but not everyone uses the same program to do it with.

- As of now, community promotion is ok, as long as it's relevant to photos, fruits, or vegetables, but this may change at the whim of your friendly mods, damnitnicole & chinoiserie. It probably will change if there gets to be more community promotion posts than there are posts with pictures of your friends holding fruits and vegetables. Considering that this community is about pictures of your friends holding fruits and vegetables, and not about promoting other communities, this seems more than fair.

- Same goes for any other off-topic posts. Which pretty much includes anything not related to fruits, vegetables, or pictures. Really, anything that doesn't include a picture of someone with fruits or vegetables, but we're being nice for now.

- Don't be a dick. damnitnicole & chinoiserie get final word on who is a dick. If you are a dick, we will do something about it.

- Ask permission from your subjects before posting pictures of them anywhere on the internet, especially in a public community such as this one. If you're in a photo that's been posted on this community, and you don't want to be, contact damnitnicole or chinoiserie and we'll either have the person who posted it remove that photo, or remove the whole post ourselves.